Cold Wet & Dark · Design

Our design projects include tables, chairs, sofas and other furniture, lighting, interior and retail design, hi-fi and electronic equipment, tools and toys, housewares and kitchenware, accessories and home decor. And various outdoor products such as mailboxes, a beehive and a barbecue.

Robio DAB Radio

Digital radio in multiple colours featuring tilted controls, a concealed telescopic antenna, and a non-ugly back.

Brace Lounge Chair

Lightweight solid wood lounge chair with a distinct knee brace construction system and changeable cushions.

Jeppe Utzon Table #1

Solid wood dining table with inverted corners in wild oak or wild walnut. Optional slide on extensions.

Jeppe Utzon BBQ

This all Corian and stainless steel barbecue was designed to double as a table when not in use.

Solitary Bee Nesting Shelter

Handmade from sawmill leftovers of Dinesen Douglas Fir these nesting shelters were commissioned by Habeetats.