We’re a small but friendly creative studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. We design buildings, furniture, products, and graphics. We strive to make simple and functional yet elegant designs with particular focus on details and natural materials.


Jeppe Utzon

Danish architect

Upon completing his education as an architect at KADK in Copenhagen, Jeppe and three partners founded Flicker – a motion graphics design collective creating primarily graphic identities for television. A few years later Jeppe returned to architecture and in 2004 started Jeppe Utzon A&D which later became Cold Wet & Dark, a multidisciplinary design studio.

Camille Pincemin

French architect

After completing her education at ENSAPLV, Ecole Nationales Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette, Camille moved to Copenhagen where she worked a number of years for first an Australian and then a Danish architect office. She joined Cold Wet & Dark in 2016 where she is now a partner.

Louise Moreau

French spatial designer and visual artist

While she holds a master’s degree in spatial design from schools in London and Copenhagen, Louise has also studied fine arts in Paris and been attached to l’Atelier de Sèvres also in Paris. She worked as a colorist and textile designer for Studio Medium in New Delhi and later with installation design, set design and textile design for fashion designer Henrik Vibskov in Copenhagen.

Josephine Bourghardt

Swedish product and furniture design intern

From a background in social science, Josephine then studied global design in Barcelona and later product design in Sweden. She is now studying furniture design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Alice Soro Cillara

Italian model maker and decorator

Originally from Sardinia, Alice lived in Genova and Milan for 8 years while studying and then working in her field. She then moved to Manila in the Philippines where she ran her own company doing projects in film, theatre, advertising, music, fashion, design and architecture. In 2016 she relocated to Copenhagen and is now attached to our studio as a freelancer.

See more on Alice’s website.

Jenny Lindh

Finnish designer

Jenny started as a product designer and ran her own product design studio back in Finland. After studying in London, she moved to Copenhagen in 2011 where she worked for Cold Wet & Dark for a number of years as a product and digital designer. She is now independent and collaborates on select projects.

See more on Jenny’s website.

Mika Utzon Popov

Danish-Australian artist

Based in Sydney, Australia, Mika works with a number of international clients and architects for both private and public commissions. He graduated from the National Art School in Sydney, majoring in Painting and Drawing, and specialises in medium to large scale sculptural installations and murals for buildings and public spaces.

See more on Mika’s website.

Alicja Biala

Polish designer and visual artist

Alicja graduated from the art school in Denmark and is currently studying at The Royal College of Art in London. While travelling the world for her many projects, she is also involved in Poland as an activist fighting for equality and climate.
Her works, which are part of private collections as well as the National Museum, deal with various scales and materials from small drawings, paintings, large murals, animation, moving images to furniture and sculptures.

See more on Alicja’s website.


Blushøjvej · Office building
Ryesgade 59 · Office space (remodelling)
Box Office · House concept
Rungsted Strandvej · Private residence
Solbakkevej · Private residence (remodelling)
Gammel Køge Landevej · Office building (remodelling)
Store Kongensgade · Apartment (remodelling)
Three Generations · House concept
Safirgangen · Private residence
Klippehuset · House concept
Roskildevej · Town houses
Hesselvang · Row house (remodelling)
Rylevang · Holiday home
Kirkebakken · Private residence (remodelling)
Bøssemagergade · Private residence (extension)

Kystvej · Holiday home (remodelling)
Bisselinevej · Holiday home
Strandvads-Åsen · Holiday home
Tuborg Havnepark · Apartment (remodelling)
Thomas Bredsdorffs Alle · Private residence
Kridthuset · House concept
Sennepsbakken · Private residence
Hvidtfrit Anneks · Annex
Julsgårdsvej · Holiday home (remodelling)
Nørrebrogade · Apartment building (refurbishment)
Søndersøvej · Private residence (extension)
Skovringen · Private residence (extension)
Soløsevej · Private residence (extension)
Roskildevej · Student housing

Ole Kjærgårdsvej · Holiday home (extension)
Langebrogade · Garbage and water sports shed
Himmelrummet · Senior housing
Daggry · Senior housing
Søtoften · Private residence (remodelling)
Brinken · Private residence
Helenevej · Private residence (remodelling)
Viggo Stuckenbergs Vej · Private residence
Junk House · House concept · Building system
Maltvej · Row houses

Ole Kjærgårdsvej · Holiday home (remodelling)
Fjordparken · Private residence (remodelling)
Skovvej · Private residence (extension)
Markedspladsen · Indoor food market
Mellemtoften · Private residence
Ingerslevsgade · Apartment (remodelling)
Kornmarksvej · Office space (remodelling)
Chapel Hill Road · Holiday home

Kettebakken · Private residence
Ved Damhussøen · Private residence
Skodsborg Strandvej · Private residence
Klintebakken · Holiday home
Gøgevænget · Private residence
Vallerød Banevej 5C · Private residence
Vallerød Banevej 5B · Private residence
Parkvej · Private residence
Gonzo Media headquarter · Office space (remodelling)
Bernstorffsvænget · Private residence (extension)
Hulsø · Housing development
Nordre Strandvej · Private residence

Elekcig shop concept · Retail space (remodelling)
Pramvejen · Private residence
Kongshvilebakken 42 · Private residence
Lyngdalen · Private residence
Ermelunden · Private residence
Grønttorvet · Indoor food market (remodelling)
Barnedysringen · Private residence
Danmarksvej · Private residence
Pilevej · Private residence
Langagervej · Private residence
Himmelrum · Private residence

Aladdin · Apartment building court area (remodelling)
Strandengen · Private residence
Nordre Strandvej · Private residence
Helenevej · Private residence (remodelling)
Kystvej · Private residence
Fjordbakken · Housing development
Valdkær · Private residence

Hesalight headquarter · Exhibition, office and factory building
Hacienda Iguana · Golf & beach resort
Kongshvilebakken 38 · Private residence
Flip · Row house concept · Building system
Hegnsvej · Private residence
Strandvejen · Private residence
Holmevej · Private residence
Vestslugen · Holiday home
Fredskovvej · Private residence
Nordlandet · Hotel and restaurant (remodelling)

Havreengen · Holiday home (extension and remodelling)
Strandvejen · Retail space (remodelling)
Frederiksberg Allé · Retail space (remodelling)
Bremerholm · Office building (remodelling)
Vesterport Park · Apartment, office, retail and public park complex
Gammel Kongevej · Apartment (remodelling)
Madec floating houses · Affordable housing
Svanemøllevej · Private residence (remodelling)
Østergade · Office space (remodelling)
Egebjerg Alle · Private residence (extension)

Kohavevej · Private residence (extension)
Trayton headquarter · Office building
Trayton showroom · Exhibition and office building
Nørre Farimagsgade · Apartment building (remodelling)
Paradishegnet · Private residence

Nørrebrogade · Apartment (remodelling)
Ingridsvej · Private residence
Linde Alle · Private residence
Arvad Møllevej · Indoor swimming pool facility
Skovvej · Private residence
Skovringen · Private residence

Mothsvej · Private residence
Hvidtfrit · Holiday home
Vængevej · Holiday home
Krogholmgårdsvej · Private residence
Ved Skrænten · Holiday home
Blåklokkevej · Private residence
Stripe · House concept · Building system

Regnbuen · Private residence
Atrium · House concept · Building system
Marmormolen · Hotel & conference centre
Vinbjergvej · Private residence
Triboo · Disaster shelter · Building system

Extreme Sports Arena · Sports facility
Rylevej · Private residence (extension)
Shanghai Trinary · Office and apartment complex
Natural History Museum of Denmark · Cultural building (competition)

Roskildevej · Office space (remodelling)
Hjerting Strandvej · Private residence
Skhirat-Plage · Summer residence
Nyhavn · Apartment (remodelling)
Kostskolevej · Private residence (remodelling)

Eversheds headquarter · Office space (remodelling)
Nattergalelunden · Holiday housing development

Bauzilla · House concept · Building system
H2PIA · Exhibition building

Æblehaven · Private residence
Skovgårdsvej · Private residence (extension and remodelling)

Bagsværd Hovedgade · Clergy house

Odensevej · Private residence
Oehlenschlægersgade · Apartment (remodelling)